Real Radio

Real Radio was launched in September 2007 as an English Community radio station of Sri Lanka and marketed on the platform of being an Intelligent Radio,that caters primarily to a listenership of above 30 years of age with Adult contemporary music, spanning from the ‘60s era. The channel currently broadcasts live on air programs 24×7 on 97.1FM, covering the major English speaking townships of the country. The music blend oered at Real Radio tends to be its USP compared with other local radio channels. This listenership consisting of those with high disposable income

levels accordingly tends to attract sponsors with top end spending power for part- nerships with Real Radio 97.1.

Real Radio 97.1 is regarded as one of the most enjoyable stations by individuals listening in. Real Radio 97.1 mainly focuses on a wide variety of applications & reveals knowledge, useful infotainment, celebrity interviews and much more.

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